Review: Reality: Darkness Into Light by Melanie Kilsby

Reality Darkness into LightReality Darkness into Light by Melanie Kilsby

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reality: Darkness into Light

Meet Zoe, a young girl who has lost her best friend to suicide and finds herself in a tug-a-war between good verses evil. All of a sudden, her life takes an unexpected twist! Kicked out at 13, she ends up getting involved in the wrong crowd and now is pregnant! Being summoned to darkness, yet called into light. God reaches out to her! Between the kind teacher at school and an annoying new Christian kid, it seems God keeps sending people to speak into her life. With no one to run to and no where to turn. Will she accept Jesus when faced with….Reality?

Reality: Darkness into Light deals with some tough issues. Suicide, rape, rejection. I think it could be a beacon of light to someone struggling with these things; someone who is hurting.


The characters seemed somewhat believable, but didn’t have much depth. The main character, Zoë, is the one who we see into the most, into her thoughts and feelings. If you are hurting, she is someone you can relate to. We also see a brief glimpse of Craig’s inner struggle. Other than that the characters are fairly one-dimensional.


The plot was relatively predictable. It followed the description of the book, but did not go much farther. It was interesting, however, and kept me reading. I felt no emotional pull, but I have never experienced any of the things Zoë had to deal with. To someone who has, I can imagine this book would produce deep emotions.

Overall thoughts

This was a good read, something I would recommend to people who can relate to the pain, and need the reassurance that there is someone who cares. The writing was ok; I noticed a few typos and sometimes two voices in the same paragraph, but nothing too bad. I think most of my above complaints will be satisfied by the promised sequel.

Would I recommend it? Yes
Would I let my kids read it? Yes, once they were teens

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
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