Poseidon’s Spear short story

Part 1

Saryssa pulled the string of her bow back to her ear, letting the arrow fly. She missed her target, and the seagull flew on, unscathed. She paused, casting her glance about her surroundings. She stood at the edge of a cliff, over looking her father’s vast domain, the sea. It was beautiful; beautiful and alone. It was her favorite haunt, partly because of its seclusion, and partly because there was a chance of meeting her dear friend Kernyx, one of the sons of Hades.
She fitted another arrow to her bow and shot, this time hitting her mark. She shot three arrows in rapid succession, felling two more birds. She trotted down to the beach to gather her kill. She quickly found two and was searching for the third when she heard a voice behind her. “Looking for this?”
She turned, and saw Kernyx, his black hair shading his dark face from the setting sun. “Thank you! Would you like to join us for dinner? Polenya is making seagull pie again.”
Kernyx grinned. “You know I can never resist your mother’s cooking.”
“Excellent! I’ll go ahead and tell her you are coming. She is displeased when I bring someone, unannounced, for dinner.”
“I’ll wait here until you return.”
“I will come back for you swiftly.” Saryssa set off at a brisk pace toward her home.


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