Works in Progress

Something More Trilogy

Something More, Book 2, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy | Progress: 170,000 / 260,000 | Possible release date (Book 1): 2021

Born and raised in the wild, Savird is thrust into palace life when he is chosen by the king and queen as their heir. He struggles to cope with his new life, finding it tedious and confining after his free upbringing. Then a mysterious man appears at the palace, and makes a stunning claim. Suddenly, Savird’s world is hurled into war, and his once ordinary life is turned upside down.

Official hashtag: #SomethingMoreNovel

El Asesino

El Asesino, Books 2-5
Genre: Sci-Fi | Progress: idea stage | Possible release date: —


Books 1-4
Genre: Dystopian | Progress: idea stage | Possible release date: —

Book 1 –
A lethal injection gone wrong, there is not only a serial killer on the loose, but now he’s a mutant. One daring girl goes after him. Will she succeed in her mission, or will she become his next victim?


Genre: Dystopian | Progress: 700 / 85,000 | Possible release date: —

Butch is one of many young man who are being raised and trained for meat. Will he escape, or will he be slaughtered like cattle with the rest, to satisfy the ever-growing demand for hamburger and to thin the ever-growing human population?


Genre: Fantasy | Progress: 3,300 / 70,000

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