Check out some of my short stories, and a few excerpts from my works in progress.


Short Stories



  • Something More (WIP)

The sweat ran down his back, making small rivers through the dirt and grime. He strained at the rope. The horse plunged and danced at the end of it, pulling frantically. It had been a hard struggle, and both man and beast were feeling the ache of strained muscles.
The horse slowly quieted. With lowered head, he finally showed signs of submitting. Savird released the rope, and, turning his back on the horse, waited. He could hear the questioning snorts, and the horse’s hesitant steps, but he still did not move. He remained still, gazing across the plain. The horse drew closer behind him. He felt a soft shove, then the muzzle came over his shoulder. Without moving his head, he raised a hand and rested it on the sweating neck. The young stallion trembled slightly, then was still.



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