5 Reasons Why You Should Read This Blog Post

Read this article! It will change your life!

….. Sorry, I just had to! 😉

Thimblerig's Ark

This is probably my final blog post.

Once the information I disclose on this post goes out, it is quite likely that the forces arrayed against me will stop at nothing to destroy me. My reputation will be smothered under a feather pillow, my finances will be encased in carbonite, and my life will be harshly wiped out like a first grader aggressively obliterating his misspelling of “spaghetti” with one of those giant pink erasers.

b0ByrCyIn short, I am going to be the escape goat, because I dared speak the truth.

But the truth must be known, regardless of the impact it has on my life or my blog, because the implications of what is happening are bigger than any simple blogger.

As Skipper told Dusty in Planes, a movie that was not a cash grab at all…

Volo Pro Veritas”.

Or in this case, Blog Pro Veritas.

I Blog for Truth.


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